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About the Comm
Miyako High is an AU High School RP, open for all members of the asian music entertainment industry. The school is set in Tokyo, Japan in a sort of secluded area from the main part of the city.

Miyako High is a boys and girls boarding school. Those from both high class and middle class families are accepted here. The boys and girls attend school in the same building, but are divided in their dorms. Of course the boys` and girls` dorm are separate. The headmaster at Miyako High is Mr. Daniel Henney, who’s been working on this school for quiet some time and is now glad to open the school to all students.

[x] Check the CLAIMS LIST
[x] All holds can be made at the claims list post.
[x] All hiatus` and drops can be made in the comm.
[x] No Mary Sues, male or female. If we find that your character doesn't fit the high standards we have set for this community, you will be asked to leave.
[x] Create both an AIM sn and an LJ account for your muse
[x] Headmaster/Mod contacts: headofmiyako OR headmasterdesu
[x] Once accepted, you MUST friend miyako_news
[x] Your muse doesn’t have to friend everybody, just those they know and all
[x] Use proper grammar and correct spelling. If u typ lyke dis we will ask you to leave.
[x] Keep IC drama IC and OOC drama OOC. However, if you have a problem, ask one of the moderators and we will help. by the way, if you are reading these rules, make Miyako High app (go growwwlbacks!) your subject line in the application!
[x] No god modding, without specific permission.
[x] No metagaming. DON'T let your character know thing IC that you know OOC.
[x] We are the mods. What we say goes. If you don't feel that as mods, we have the right to govern CF as we see fit, don't apply.
[x] I don't care how old your muses are in the reals, but in the comm they are between the ages of 14-18.
[x] This game is NC-17. Sex, drugs, drinking, pregnancy...it's all free reign. But keep it real. Be realistic and handle mature storylines with grace, care and for the love of all things Holy, make them well written!
[x] To make it easy, everyone's schedule is the same, except for their special activity classes and such.
[x] School breaks and vacations will be announced in the comm, by the headmaster at least a week ahead of time.
[x] If, for whatever reason, you would like your character to commit- or attempt to commit suicide, you must let the mods know!
[x] If you leave the game, and wish to come back you must re-apply.
[x] Update your journal no less than once a week, bare minimun. RP, and comment on other people's journals often.
[x] Be respectful. If you are rude to the mods, we will ask you to leave the game. We are here to help, aid, serve, RP. We are not here to eat spoonfed sh*t with a smile. This also goes for other players.
[x] I am making the claims anonymous and such, but please don’t take advantage of this.
[x] Please wait until you are accepted by the headmaster/mod before you do anything!
[x] Tag your posts to the comm with the month and the year (ie: sept 08) it makes things easier with cuts

[x] use THIS form when claiming!

Muses Name:
Muses band/solo:
Muses LJ:
Muses AIM sn:

Activities: (each muse is required to have their own sport/hobby or something IE: Junsu is captain of the boys` soccer team OR Massu is head of the dance team)

[x] Please tag your claims posts with #claim
[x] The mod will choose who your muse will room with. There’s 3 people per room.
[x] If your muse has problems with his/her roommates, tell the mod/headmaster.


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